Do No Harm by Henry Marsh

Narrated by Jim Barclay

Fascinating Look at Brain Surgery     

Story:           5 out of 5         Narration:       5 out of 5



A memoir of Henry Marsh’s time as a top brain surgeon.  An absolutely fascinating look at what goes on in the operating theatre, and the life changing outcomes of his surgery (mostly positive)Do No Harm.  Fortunately, for me, the book is very low on gore, and very high on interesting detail.  It is quite suitable for those with no medical knowledge. 

Each case is a chapter in itself, making it perfect for short bursts of listening.   Along with the intricate operations, Henry Marsh describes his relationships with his patients and their families, the training of brain surgeons and his frustrations with some NHS management decisions.  

The narration was so good, I checked to see if it was the author himself.  When “The End” was announced I thought it was a new chapter header, and was very disappointed to find the book was finished! 

A book with as much tension, drama and excitement as a thriller.  Highly recommended. 

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