End of Story by Louise Swanson

2035 England where fiction is banned

Fern is living in a world where fiction has been banned.  She used to be a successful author, now she cleans at a hospital, is visited by security police to check she is not writing, and finds life bleak.  However Fern is writing a personal diary.  How can a writer not write!  There are mysteries in her life, both past and current, plus glimmers of hope and excitement. 

This is Fern’s account of her life in 2035 UK.  There is a slow build up as we get to know Fern and the world she lives in.  Then about half way through the book there are some amazing reveals and twists.  I can say no more! 

The ending is strong, emotional and the book as a whole is one to savour, think about and remember.  The idea of fiction being banned is unnerving, partly because the author makes it seem quite plausible.  Is the life that Fern is living quite possible in our not so distant future?

End of Story reads like a true story, and it feels like the author has included parts of her inner self within the story.   The characters are strong and have stories that need to be heard.   For me it was a book of 2 halves, the first half learning about Fern and her life, which I found a little slow, and then the 2nd half where everything takes off and it becomes an enthralling read. 

This is the first thriller Louise Beech has written under her pen name Louise Swanson.   I have been a great fan Louise Beech since her debut novel How to Be Brave , so am thrilled to have also enjoyed her Louise Swanson debut novel.

Set:  UK

Publisher:  Hodder & Stoughton

Publication Date:   23 March 2023

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