Endurance by Scott Kelly

 Exciting and full of fascinating details

My rating:  5 out of 5


 Scott Kelly spent a year on the International Space Station.  This is his exciting, dramatic and fascinating story.

EnduranceFrom arrival at the Russian Cosmodrome to preparing for take-off Kelly takes the reader through his experiences from what it is really like to be sitting in a tiny capsule awaiting take-off, through his year in space, to touchdown back on earth.  This is a detailed, often funny, sometimes shocking, account of what it is like to live in the International Space Station, including day to day life, the experiments they are carrying out, walking in space, contact with home and so much more.  The different styles of working and living between the US side and the Russian side is fascinating, as is the concept of living in ever present life threatening danger. 

In addition Kelly tells how he came to be an astronaut, from practically dropping out at school to becoming a navy pilot and then to astronaut selection.  The book also includes photos, illustrations and a great index.

5*s from me for this book full of action, drama and excitement.   The writing style is easy to follow and suitable for all ages to read.  This book is an absolute must for anyone dreaming of becoming an astronaut – or like me, just with a general interest in the day to day life of being in space.    

Warning:  When you’ve read this book you are likely to rush outside and wave at the ISS should it pass over you.  People who have not (yet) read this book seem to find this activity strange. 

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