Expectation by Anna Hope

3 friends with hopes and dreams

My rating: 3 out of 5

3 friends with hopes , dreams and expectations.  Will their lives turn out as they expected, or be very different?

ExpectationThis is the story of Hannah, Cate and Lissa who at 29 years old are sharing a flat in Hackney, London, and loving every moment.  As the years pass their lives change but they remain in contact.    This is the story of their lives over the years,  sometimes flashing back in time to illustrate how their pasts have impacted their futures, and how events change their lives for ever.  The characters are easy to relate to, and their lives reflective of modern times.  As in life sometimes things go well for Hannah, Cate and Lissa, sometimes not.   

The characters are great, very much people you can relate to, and each different in their lifestyles and dreams, yet also part of a whole that is their friendship.   

3*s from me for this story of 3 women who sometimes struggles with the demands of modern life, and who reflect emotions many of us have felt at some time.  A great story, easy to follow and read and I loved the first half of the book.  The second half, however,  was a little to close to everyday lives around me for comfort.       


USA cover

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