Fall by West Camel

Literary fiction set in the 1970s

My rating:  5 out of 5

Aaron believes he is the only resident of an estate, until he hears a noise.  On the other side of the river his estranged brother is watching him.    Literary fiction that takes us back to the 1970s and gives mystery and intrigue.

Twins, Aaron and Clive were brought up by their mother on an estate in Deptford, but have now been estranged for over 40 year.  Will current events bring them back together or reveal too many secrets for that bond to ever re-form?   The timeline is split between a wonderful hot summer in the 1970s and “now” when they are both in their 60s. 

Beautifully written this is the story of Aaron and Clive, their relationships and friends, and a life changing event.  It is also the story of social norms in the 1970s and the vision behind the high-rise blocks of the 1960s.  It is about change, not only for the residents of these flats, but also for Aaron and Clive as they look back and wonder.    

There is so much within these pages to enjoy.  Beautiful written it reaches into the depth of the complex characters, with plenty of mystery as to what happened that summer.  Evocative of the 1970s I found myself drawn into the story, the fascinating characters and the superb writing.

With plenty of surprises, and a few shocks,  this is a book to share and discuss.  Plenty for book clubs to get their teeth into: indeed, I can see this becoming a piece of literature that will soon be on academic study curriculums.      Just wonderful! 

Publisher:  Orenda Books

Date of Publication:  9 October 2021

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