Fifty First Dates After Fifty by Carolyn Lee Arnold

Dating in an alternative lifestyle

Carolyn, over 50 and just out of a long term relationship is looking for a new partner to fulfill her life, and also fit in with her somewhat unusual lifestyle in the Bay Area of San Francisco.  She sets about going on 50 first dates to ascertain what exactly she is looking for in a man, and in the hope of finding him. 

My curiosity was piqued by what would happen if Carolyn found Mr. Right after, say, 10 first dates, and how an older woman goes about dating in current times.  Both questions were answered in Carolyn’s fast moving, fun memoir. 

Socialising in a New Age free love community  Carolyn had plenty of men available to date – the fact that many of them were not available for monogamous relationships seemed of little consequence to her. She also used internet dating sites.   Carolyn gives the reader a glimpse into her busy life, her successful career, her numerous concurrent lovers and her quest to find out what she is looking for in a partner.    She also shares plenty of detail about her sexual activities.

This is a bubbly, lively memoir which had me wondering how it would end.  Could Carolyn ever find the right man for her?  It is well written, and gave me an insight into a lifestyle I didn’t even know existed; Carolyn came across as a fun and likeable person. 

3*s from me as I did not read the book blurb carefully enough, and so was expecting something very different.  If the book blurb appeals to you then I highly recommend this book, and am sure many readers will be giving it 5*s. 

My rating:  3/5

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Publisher: She Writes Press

Date of Publication: US Paperback 2nd November 2021 / UK Paperback 18th November 2021