Five Down by Tom Sibson

Murder Mystery with clues to solve

An exciting murder mystery with clues for everyone to try to solve.

Someone is shooting people in the city of York, and sending Paul Dobson, the local Crime Reporter, clues as to when and where the next murder will be.  Can Paul, or the police, solve the clues and catch the killer.  Can the reader solve the clues and work out who the murderer is?

The clues, in the form of rhymes and riddles, get the police on a research and physical hunt around York as they try to solve them.  They are racing against time to find the hidden meaning, and in so doing give a fascinating look at York.  If I still lived in the UK, this book would make me revisit York, and I would love to go on an after dark guided  tour of the places mentioned in this novel. 

Always fast moving, and exciting, there is also some subtle humour within the writing, and the whole story is certainly intriguing.  I stopped reading to google a few things/places, and am looking forward to watching the film mentioned in the storyline – an idea the police had about a similar killer; you’ll have to read the book to find out the name of the film!

The murders are clean (no gore or nasty violence here).  The characters are likeable and interesting, and the story is easy to follow and involving.  I have no idea about cryptic clues in crosswords etc., but these clues were fun and the solving of them by the characters in the book (not me!) interesting.  I recommend bookmarking the pages where the clues are given, so you can refer back to them. 

5*s from me for this “proper” murder mystery that entertained and gripped me from beginning to end.   It also made me wonder (worry a bit) how the author came up with a brilliant, and completely realistic, plot like this. 

This is Tom Sibson’s debut novel – I’m hoping there will be more to follow! 

My rating:  5 out of 5

Set in:  York, England

Publisher:  Red Dragon Publishing LTD

Published:  July 2022

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