Getting By by Jaire Sims

Change, Challenges and Uncertainty at 17

My rating:  3 out of 5

Carver is 17 years old and beginning to think about who he is, and what he wants for the future.   This novel is his story about figuring things out, plus his great friendships.

Carver lives in Chicago, and is beginning to wonder what he would like to do at College.  His main loves are photography and anything Disney related.  He is also beginning to wonder whether he is gay.   Two bullies seem to think he is gay, but his close friend Jocelynn seems keen to be more than just a mate. 

This engaging story is told entirely from Carver’s viewpoint, and is written in a very precise and clear style.   Carver has been diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome, and though preferring his own company or that of just a few close friends, finds he is being encouraged to join after school activities.  Can Carver work his way though this time of change, challenges and uncertainty?

3*s from me as I enjoyed learning about Carver, and was keen to find out how everything turned out.  Despite feeling I am in the wrong age group for reading this “coming of age” book (I can’t even remember being 17!) and not knowing anything about the US schooling system I enjoyed this novel, and would recommend it to anyone of a similar age to Carver, or involved with people of this age.    What a great debut novel from Jaire Sims. 

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