Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar

Twisty psychological thriller inspired by true events

My rating:  5 out of 5

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A psychological thriller that will keep you guessing and captivated until everything is resolved at the surprising end.    Inspired by a true story.

Grace is Gone

UK Cover

Megan is found murdered and her disabled daughter, Grace, missing.  Can Grace be found before her need for medication turns this into a double tragedy?  Simon, a journalist who had previously written an unpopular piece about Megan and Grace, sees finding Grace as his chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the local community, but will the personal cost to him be too great? 

Wow this thriller kept me guessing.  Its about secrets and lies, and about relationships and friends looking out for each other.  But mostly its about Grace and the race to find, and save, her.   Great characters with plenty of action. 

5*s from me because this is a great fast moving story, which, being based on a true story, gave me plenty to think about.  Sections that I found a little far-fetched, turned out to have actually happened.    I was not aware of the original case before googling it; don’t ruin the story by reading about it until you’ve finished the book!   The Author’s Note at the end gives the name of the true case (and includes spoilers). 

Grace is Gone USA

US Cover

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