Here and Gone by Haylen Beck


Thriller that will keep you enthralled     

 My rating:  5 out of 5     


  A fast moving thriller, that kept pulling me back to read more.

Here and GoneAudra is fleeing from her abusive husband to start a new life in California.  She is arrested by the police for a minor driving infringement, and her children taken into care.  Later the police denied she had her children with her, and accuse her of murdering them.

The story is told, mainly, from the perspective of Audra and her son Sean.  It is a very exciting and fast moving story, with plenty of surprises.  There is action, psychological interest and obviously concern for the children.

A 5* rating from me, because the psychological manipulation of Audra by her husband was interesting, and the story was so gripping that my life got put on hold whilst I found out what happened next.

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