How Not To Be a Doctor  and other essays   by John Launer

Short interesting reads

My Rating:  5 out of 5


A series of short essays written by the author over many years, some humorous, some serious, all thought provoking.

How Not to be a DoctorThis is a great book to dip into, with essay titles that are inviting and varied.  The essays are about 3 pages long, which make them perfect bedtime, or commuter, reading.  Each essay gives plenty to think about, and are very readable by those with no medical training.   Some of the essays have laugh out loud content, some are satirical, and some are just plain worrying about how the medical profession survive each day.  All are interesting.

There are 54 chapters/essays, all clearly written, easy to read and containing a mass of thought provoking information.  The author does not appear to be pushing his opinions, but rather looking to open up thought and discussion.  With approximately 54 different subjects covered I am loathe to list any of the themes (a glance at the Contents Page will give you that information), but many areas of everyday life are in this book, from the choices we make to our pre-formed judgements, from difficult patients to attractive patients, from the economics of patient care to the need for kindness. 

5*s from me, as there are so many thought provoking essays in here, plus humour and fun.  A book to be dipped into and thought about, rather than read in one sitting.  Definitely a book that I will re-read, and talk about with others. 

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