How to Spot a Psychopath by M Q Webb

Did she or didn’t she? Psychological thriller

A little girl is missing and Jessica seems the obvious culprit.  Otherwise she would be defending herself, wouldn’t she?

Jessica is a busy and stressed mother, trying to fit in her journalist work around her family, then she finds herself arrested and accused of a terrible crime.  Oscar is a likeable psychiatrist with something traumatic in his history.  He is working hard to try to protect Jessica, however work colleagues are proving a distraction, and Jessica isn’t doing much to help herself. 

There are few characters and a good pace to this psychological thriller.  I was up and running with the story from page 1, there was a lull in the action in the middle, but then suddenly I was fully into it again and keen to find out what Jessica was up to, and how things would turn out for Oscar.  This is the first book in the Oscar de la Nuit series.

My rating:  3 out of 5

Pubisher:  TBR Press

Published on 20 April 2022

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