Hudora Dual Brake Big Wheel Scooter

Fun, safe and good exercise

Being nervous on 2 wheels, this is a perfect scooter for getting around fast, and good exercise too.

This is my first ever scooter, and I love it.  It is fun and quick to get used to; I have never felt in danger of falling. 

It is easy to assemble – the instructions are clear, and having a tyre pump to hand, I had the whole thing ready to use in less than 20 minutes. 

The hand brake is perfect for nervous riders, easy to apply gently, and keep the scooter at a safe speed.   When jumping off for cars, people, pavement edges etc it is so quick and easy – sounds obvious, but if nervous this is a great benefit of a scooter.

Because of the size of the wheels they go over ruts and twigs easily, and the scooter can be used on gravel paths comfortably (see pictures).  I have ridden through small puddles without getting wet thanks to the mudguards. 

The foot stand is wonderful.  I use it for storage and parking the bike (and taking photos!).

The folding mechanism is one quick pull on a lever then it folds and clicks into place.  I have carried it through shops, but only for a quick purchase.  Carry it with the handles in front of you, to avoid knocking things over!!  Reassembling for use takes seconds.  The wheels are not quick release, so the scooter could be locked to a railing/bike rack. 

A massive, unexpected, benefit is the exercise value of this scooter. Apart from being a quick means of getting around, I use it for exercise.  I have found that on a round trip it uses more calories per hour, than jogging the same route!  I am mostly on cycle paths with gentle inclines/declines.   My knees find it less jolting than running, but wow other muscles are screaming with overuse.   Fantastic!

5*s from me as it is stable, good exercise, a lot of fun – and I just love it.  Wish I had bought one years ago.

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  1. Emma, what an interesting review – no idea the scooter gave a workout! My wife & I are seniors, do you think it’d be something worth us trying? Can you say about how much they run? Thanks! – Adan


    • Hi Felipe, Most scooters come with small solid wheels. I have heard that these wheels stop suddenly when you hit a rut, and throw the person forward – not good! That is why I went for the largest wheels I could find. Also I find the hand brake essential, putting my foot on the back wheel cover to brake, would be too scary for me. I imagine large shops would have scooters you could try. It’s worth doing research on the internet before buying – though I recommend this scooter highly!

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