If the Ice Had Held by Wendy J Fox

A joy to read

My rating:  3 out of 5

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The story of people held together by friendship, love and support.  Also by a secret of many years that, for the best intentions, one of them can never know.  Beautifully written, there are only a few main characters, and each person’s story is told with depth, empathy and warmth. 

If The Ice Had HeldThe various characters’ stories are told in chapters that vary between different people and different times, not in chronological order, but all holding together.  I  became so involved in each chapter, that when the story moved to another time or person I found it a little confusing at to who the person was – even though there are not very many characters.  I loved the writing, I loved the story and I loved (most of) the characters.  

3*s from me, because I read for short periods, irregularly and therefore lost touch with who was who.  I would buy this as a gift for anyone I know who sits down and devours a book over a relatively short period of time.  I felt it was comfort reading, a joy to pick up and disappear into the lives of the true to life characters.  So though I got confused as to who was who, I did enjoy the book!  I shall definitely read more by this author. 

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