In Two Worlds by Ido Kedar

A novel of hope and autism

My rating: 5 out of 5

This reads like a memoir, but is a novel.  The story follows Anthony who is a misunderstood child with nonspeaking autism.  The title refers to his inside world where he is intelligent, loving, kind and frustrated, and the Anthony that the outside world sees, which is so different to the real Anthony. 

In Two WorldsAnthony’s body ignores what his brain is telling it to do, thus leaving Anthony trapped inside and unable to communicate.  He describes his therapy sessions with  people who believe they can help him, but also  believe his intelligence level is very low.   Anthony tries so hard to show those around him that he is fully aware of what is going on and is intelligent, but fails.    Truly a book of suspense as each chapter brings the reader nearer to an emotional moment when something happens that will change Anthony’s life for ever. 

Reading this book I was waiting for a miracle – what must it be life living the story!  Never have I been so involved with a fictional character.   The story flows well, giving the reader the perspectives of Anthony’s family and well as himself.  Humour, bright moments, and true love are portrayed in this moving story, as are the frustrations with medical experts getting Anthony wrong again and again. 

5*s from me for this debut novel from Ido Kedar who himself has nonspeaking autism.  It has opened my eyes to a life unimaginably different to mine.   This novel challenges assumptions and tells of winning over adversity.  I have talked about this book to many many people, and recommend it to all.  Anyone who likes a novel that will make them stop and think should read  this. 

Ido Kedar has also written his memoir Ido in Autismland  (on my To Be Read list), which I understand is challenging professionals to look at autism theories anew.

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