Juggling Balls

Love them

My rating:  5 out of 5     


A set of 5 juggling balls, plus a draw string carry bag.

Juggling ballsThe balls are quite small, and therefore comfortable for an adult female hand.  They are full of (what feel like) small beads, don’t roll when dropped, and are soft to handle. 

There are no instructions included, but these can be found on the internet.  I have the multi-coloured set and like the matt colour finish.  Please note that the colours may not be the same as in this picture.  The bag is of a thick black “nylon feel” material.  Plenty of room to store the 5 balls, and the drawstring holds the bag closed nicely. 

I have no experience of juggling, but for me this set is perfect.   It seems questionable whether I’ll ever be juggling with 5 balls, but it’s something to dream of (and I’ll be ok if the cat runs off with one of them).

Very happy with them, and looking forward to becoming proficient in my new hobby.  Maybe also improving my co-ordination, concentration, balance and good for impressing children!

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