Killer Story by Matt Witten

A podcast to find a killer

Petra, an investigative journalist, is close to losing yet another job when she comes up with the idea of doing a podcast about her friend who was murdered years ago, and no-one was ever convicted of.  Her boss gives her 2 weeks to prove herself.  All great except Petra exaggerated the information she has about the murder, and now she needs to find herself some material to save her job, and her self-esteem. 

The lengths Petra goes to in order to get a good story, and save her job, are quite shocking, however the story is exciting and fast moving.  Which of the suspects did it? How can Petra further her investigations and is she safe from harm herself?  Which is most important to Petra, getting podcasts clicks, solving the murder, or behaving in a reasonable manner? Petra’s choice of methods to get information is emotive and enables plenty of twists and turns in the story.  The great writing style kept me interested throughout.

There is plenty of discussion material in this thriller – great for a Book Club, indeed suggested Questions are given at the end.  While I can’t say I enjoyed the story, because of Petra’s journalistic methods, I did enjoy the writing, the tension and the the story was a great idea.  I was keen to see how it all ended, and was interested in the journalistic techniques included in the storyline. 

This is the first thriller I have read by Matt Witten, I shall certainly be back for more. 

Set:  Boston, USA

Publisher:  Oceanview

Published:   17 January 2023

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