Last One to Lie by J.M. Winchester

Tension throughout until the end, when the plot fails

My rating: 2 out of 5

Grabbed my interest from the start, a daughter missing and a husband not answering the phone is just the beginning of the mysteries.

Last One to LieKelsey goes to pick her 2 year old daughter up from her first day at nursery only to be told she has never been there, even though Kelsey herself dropped her off that morning.  Frantic calls to her husband get her nowhere.  Detective Ryan tries to solve the mystery and finds himself getting more involved than he should be.

Told in the first person we gradually learn more about Kelsey’s past, and the tension grows as more about her is revealed.  Det. Ryan’s past holds tragedy, can this be resolved at the same time as he is investigating the missing child?

With short chapters and plenty of tension building, this book kept me up late reading.  Until the end, when it all fell apart, and parts of the story just didn’t seem to work.  I flicked back many times to see if I had mis-read something, and gave much thought to the plot in case I had got something wrong, but I can’t tie up the anomalies.  A great shame, as until the end it was brilliant!  

Therefore 2*s from me – as having read and loved 90% of the book, the ending left me so confused, with so many “but why wasn’t that noticed” “but how could that have been” questions  that all the tension of the preceding book came to nothing.     What a shame! 

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