Learning German (badly) by Tim Luscombe

Uplifting read about German language and life

My rating:  5 out of 5

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In this very funny memoir  Tim Luscombe, British and living in Germany, attempts to get to grips with the German language whilst having a lot of fun in Berlin. 

Learning German badlyA book for anyone who has ever tried to learn German.  Tim turns the frustrations we have all suffered in the classroom into laugh out loud anecdotes, even including humour about German adjective endings!   Meanwhile outside of class Tim is struggling to turn Jane Austen’s Emma into a stage show relevant to today, and enjoying everything Berlin has to offer. He is also worrying about family back in the UK, and juggling work opportunities in the UK with his life in Berlin.  So many things an expat can identify with – only a lot funnier! 

In the midst of all this, the Brexit referendum is about to happen.  Tim describes his reaction to the result, and the uncertainty of being a Brit living in Europe during the referendum aftermath.   I think its fair to say that his sense of humour dampens a little at this stage, but the antics of his classmates soon bring laughter back to the pages. 

In addition to Tim’s personal take on life in Germany, he offers fascinating insights into the culture and history of the German people, with plenty of information for visitors to Berlin including buildings of historical interest, art and eclectic music and entertainment venues.  There is also a short section about gay nightlife.   

This is a book that celebrates Europe, exploring Berlin and all its wonderfulness and bringing humour to the world of language learning and Brexit.

5*s from me, as I laughed out loud throughout this book.  Everything in it is so true to life, and in line with many of my experiences of being an expat in Austria.  

 Note:  Don’t read this in bed whilst your partner is trying to sleep – trying to laugh quietly is very irritating (so I’m told!)

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