Loving the Life Less Lived by Gail Marie Mitchell


Practical and helpful ideas for anxiety / depression (or just living!)     

My rating:  5 out of 5     


A book about lessening the effects of anxiety and depression, which gives lots of practical “tools”.  Written by someone who has been there. 

This isLoving the Life Less Lived a fascinating book whether suffering from anxiety and/or depression or not.  The author takes the reader through her experiences of these conditions, in the hope of offering relief, and giving useful tips, to others that feel the same way.  There is also a section for those helping people with these conditions.   It’s a complete eye-opener to realise that many of the people you pass every day may be feeling this way.   A massive reminder that one small act of kindness, or even a smile, may really change that person’s day.

I particularly found the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy section and the part on Mindfulness interesting, but this is a book that you will need lots of markers for so that you can easily refer back. 

I found this book informative and very interesting.  It’s an engaging read, and each chapter is broken into shorter sections, with “Tips from My Toolbox” and “Over to You” suggestions.  The tools are practical and realistic, the sort of things that most people could have a go at. 

Not only is this is a book full of valuable tips for everyone, it is also a memoir of the author’s life – so doubly interesting!  If you’ve ever spent time being tense or anxious about something, when you should be relaxing and having fun, then you’ll find something in here for you. 

There are a lot of useful websites mentioned in the book, plus a small Further Reading section at the end. 

I’ve rated this a 5* book  as it is practical, full of ideas and suggestions, and written by someone who has “been there”  It says on the cover that it is for anyone dealing with mental illness – I think it should just be “for anyone” Full Stop.  Who has not spent time stressing about something they can’t alter at that moment? 

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