Lyrics for the Loved Ones by Anne Goodwin

Chatty novel of interesting characters and life

Matty is 99 years old and making plans for her 100th birthday celebration, however some of her  staff are making difficulties.

Irene enjoys a good chat about the goings on at the care home she works at.

Brendon and Tim are planning their wedding, while keeping a big secret from Tim’s mother, Gloria. 

Meanwhile there’s are lot going on in the wider world, and this chatty style book has plenty of mysteries, secrets and interest to keep the reader guessing.  At first the characters seem diverse, then connections start to be drawn, as, like in real life, threads are drawn together to make a whole picture with plenty of human interest. 

Some of the dialogue uses Cumbrian dialect, and there is a glossary of Cumbrian words at the end of the book – though I had no trouble understanding the Cumbrian. 

Having read, and loved, the previous two books in this series (Matilda Windsor is Coming Home  and  Stolen Summers) , I was keen to find out how Matty was getting on.  The ending of this novel brought everything together well.

I would certainly recommend reading  at least one of the two previous books , before this one, so that Matty’s background is known, although Lyrics for Loved Ones could be read as a standalone novel. 

Overall a well written, chatty book, with great characters that I could relate to and who are going through ordinary life events that made me stop and think.  There is a lot going on in this novel, which was a little overwhelming at times, however the inclusion of the impact of recent events (such as the Windrush scandal) on the lives of ordinary people, got me talking to others about this book – which is always a good sign!   

Set:  West Cumbria, Bristol and Somerset

Publication Date:  15 May 2023

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