Magnolia House by Angela Barton

Suspense, hope and romance

My rating:  4/5


This is Rowan’s story, which takes the reader on a wonderful journey that includes sorrow, happiness and hope. 

Magnolia HouseRowan’s husband appears to have some secrets, but then so does Rowan, who is waiting for the right moment to tell hers.  A move to a new house in Clapham, London seems just perfect.  They are close to the Common, close to Rowan’s sister in law and everything is very exciting.  Then in a moment it all changes, and Rowan need to have a big re-think about her future.

Meanwhile Libby (Rowan’s sister in law) enjoys shopping rather too much, and finds life is getting somewhat out of control.

4*s from me for this comforting, lovely read, about friendship, romance and new beginnings.  The writing style made me feel completely involved, and there were some wonderful details about English life.  I enjoyed the suspense about Rowan’s husband’s secrets, and loved the characters.  Although including some difficult themes, this is a book of joy and positivity. 

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