Mahatma Gandhi: How One Passionate Peacemaker Gently Shook the World by in60learning

Informative, fantastic, quick read      

My rating:  5 out of 5     



Like many people, I know the basic details about Gandhi, but would be hard pressed to Mathama Ghandisay much about him.  Having read this book, I am now full of interesting information about this great man!

This book is written in a very simple clear manner.  It covers Gandhi’s life from his birth, through his education, his activities in South Africa, then moving onto India.  Whilst telling his story there is a broad overview of the relevant world events of the  time. 

The book actually took me 45 minutes to read, but is such a source of useful information about Gandhi it is the sort of book I will return to often to refresh my memory.  There is a great Bibliography at the end of the book.

I did wonder how much of the content I could have got from a quick look on the Internet.  However a quick glance at one of the more population information sites and I soon got bored reading facts with no contextual background.  Proved to me how great this book is. 

5*s because this was fascinating, informative, easy to read book, which I am now talking to lots of people about.  Suitable for everyone – perfect as an overview if Gandhi is part of your studies, or (like me) you just want to quickly and easily fill a gap in your knowledge.   Great gift idea! 

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