Me, The Biological by B.R. Miller

Life from a boy’s perspective     

My rating:  3 out of 5     


Me The BiologicalA series of glimpses into the life of a boy, starting from when he moves in with his new stepfather and 2 new stepbrothers.  Each chapter takes the reader through an occurrence in the boy’s life, as seen through his young eyes.  Some startling, some shocking and some downright fascinating as he learns the rules of boyhood.

A very well written novel (with some minor edits needed), that kept me reading to the end but, not having involvement with children, did not grip me.  I can see this becoming a classic book to be studied in schools, and also would be great for book groups.  Though a short book (170 pages) each chapter is full of quality and memorable characters and events  – difficult to believe it is a novel and not a memoir.

Thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in the psychology of  growing up.

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