Moms of the Missing by Steffen Hou

Children abductions, true stories and how to prevent them

My rating:  5 out of 5

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A non-fiction account of abductions in the US, including giving the victims a voice, how the parents (specifically the mothers) cope, plus advice that may help prevent abductions.

Moms of the MissingThe true stories in this book make this a harrowing book to read, but its purpose is to educate everyone about the magnitude of child abductions in the US.  The individual cases are told in a clear, factual way, and each chapter covers a different kind of abduction.  Chapters include kidnapping by strangers, human trafficking, on-line grooming, and so on, and each chapter raises awareness of how the abductions were carried out – which leads to an awareness of how similar events may be avoided in the future. If through reading this book any of the missing children in the book are recovered, or any child is saved from being abducted, then that would be a wonderful thing.

Also included are remarkable and positive stories of how those who,  having lost their loved ones to abduction, are fighting to change laws, and giving strength and hope to others in similar situations. 

Steffen Hou writes sympathetically and well, sparing the reader unnecessary details. Even so I found this a traumatic, shocking and upsetting read, even though I have no personal experience any of the events covered in this book – thank goodness!    However I do feel that this is a book that needs to be read by those caring for children.  The more children that can be made aware, in an appropriate manner,  of how abductions take place, and what they can do to prevent themselves becoming a victim – the better.    

5*s from me.

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