Moodtopia by Sara-Chana Silverstein


Ideas for tiny changes to massively improve your life

My rating:  5 out of 5

Lots of low cost (or no cost) ideas on how to improve the small things in your life, that in turn will influence the big things in your life.

This book is full of great, simple, mood enhancing ideas. There’s something here for everyone, be it coping with children when you’re out of energy/time, boosting yourself up in times of feeling sad, stressed, insecure etc., or just taking a look around yourself to see what mood sapping habits you have slipped into and how to easily change them.    

I particularly loved the sections on:  making sure your personal space/s make you feel good, benefits of specific herbs, smiling, scents for mood enhancement and the breathing exercises .  Other chapters include sections on mood enhancing tinctures (drops taken with water),  using your intuition, and colours that will rejuvenate you, and so much more!   

The print is a good size, chapters are clearly divided down into smaller sections – easy to  go back to find something.  There is a great list of resources at the back, together with a useful index, recipes, and some great “Quick Reference Charts”.

There are many anecdotes about dealing with negative moods – stress, anxiety, angry, too much going on etc.  I mostly skim read these, as I was keen to get to what I felt was the “real information”.  However I did read about the author’s personal life changing experience (pages 3-6), and it is the content here that opened me up to being receptive to the rest of the book.  No matter what qualifications she has (she has plenty!) her reactions and coping strategies in this part of her life, was what made me want to learn from her.    

Near the end of the book is a 90 Day Programme (which I have already started!) .  It is  broken down into one line recommendations so ideas that best suit the reader can be easily picked out.  

5*s from me, as this is a practical, and beautiful,  book,with lots of quick ideas for life improvement. I am glad I got the paperback book (rather than an e-book), as this is a book that I shall be referring back into for years to come, and I find paperbooks easier for that. 

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