My Name is Anton by Catherine Ryan Hyde


My rating:  3 out of 5

Anton has lost his brother and his right hand, and now his parents are going away for Christmas – but surprising things can happen when you least expect them.

Anton is 18 and things aren’t going well in his world.  Whilst alone he witnesses something which changes everything for him.  We then follow Anton’s life from aged 18 to 73, jumping from one meaningful part of his life to the next, and learning about obstacles in life and also the worth of special friends, trusted family and love.  This wonderful story includes the full gamut of everyday life, feelings, difficult decisions in a life, the positives and some of the not so great times.    

This is the 4th book that I have read by this author: Pay it Forward (a great book, read before I started writing reviews)), Ask Him Why and Heaven Adjacent, so I was well prepared for a moving book that would make me feel fully involved with the main characters and give me material for thought.  I was not disappointed!

3*s from me, as though I was fully involved reading the story and enjoyed it, the book hasn’t left me thinking back on it; wish I had read it as part of a book club.  So, for me a great “in the moment” read of love and hopes, plus some challenging times. 

There is a “Book Club Questions” section at the end – don’t look at it before you finish the book as it contains spoilers.   There is certainly plenty of material in here to bring about lively and interesting discussions.

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