Not My Daughter by Suzy K Quinn

Audiobook narrated by Helen Keeley

My rating;  4 out of 5

Who to believe – psychological thriller

When Lorna was 16 she made a mistake, and has kept quiet about it ever since.  Now Lorna’s daughter is 16 herself, beginning to ask awkward questions, and wanting more freedom.  Can Lorna protect her daughter from making mistakes of her own, or finding out about Lorna’s past?

Is Lorna right to be worried for her daughter, or is her perspective was somewhat skewed?  The story is divided into now, and then, and cleverly  transfers between the two, giving no trouble about following the storyline, and leaving the reader wondering who, and what,  to believe. 

The narration is excellent.  Helen Keeley’s “Michael’s voice” really got into my head, giving the story that extra dimension. 

I listened to this great psychological thriller as an audio book.  I’m an intermittent audiobook listener, as I only listen when the weather is good and I’m out exercising.  However this novel kept me interested and was easy to pick up from where I last left off. 

4*s from me for this involving, exciting and “keep you guessing” thriller.  It is excellent as an audiobook, and would also be a great read. I recommend this thriller to anyone that enjoys a good story.   I shall certainly be reading/listening to more from this author.  

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