Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser

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Suspense and friendship     

My Rating:  4 out of 5     

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A group of women have a fun evening chatting around a fire.  By the time they wake up the next morning one of them has disappeared. 

Not That I Could TellSet in Yellow Springs, Ohio this suspense novel focuses on the reactions of the women at the party to their friend’s disappearance.  Has she gone of her own free will?  Has she been murdered by her husband?  As the police investigate the disappearance, so the private lives of all the women in the group become clearer.   Personal life  can be very different to the public persona shown to friends and acquaintances. 

This is a lovely read about friendship, and wondering how well you really know your friends and close neighbours.  There is plenty of female camaraderie, children crises, laughs and a few sighs.  Plenty of material for women to relate to.  Meanwhile as the reader gets to know the characters, the suspense increases as to what has happened to the missing woman. 

I really enjoyed this read.  It was easy to get into the characters and enjoy the ups and downs of their lives, and histories.  The mystery of the missing woman was brilliantly maintained throughout the book, and it all seemed very realistic. 

Not much about Yellow Springs – a real place in Ohio.  However there is a website address in the Author’s Note at the end, which gives more information about the location. 

4*s from me, as though I thoroughly enjoyed the book, there was no facts or things of particular interest that thing that pushed it into a 5 – just a jolly good read!  Highly recommended as a holiday book, and perfect if you just want to escape into an attention holding suspense novel.  Very close to a 5*s! 

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