Odd Bird by Lee Farnsworth

Romance plus feathers

My rating: 4 out of 5

Simon is an expert in the courtship behaviour of birds, sadly he has no idea about girls and his mate’s help is not always appreciated.  Light-hearted humorous romance, with birds flying through. 

Simon is looking for a new girlfriend,  and for him it is love at first sight when he meets Kim.  Unfortunately things are not as straightforward as they appear to be in the lives of birds, and Simon’s ornithological expertise does not help him to spot the all too obvious hints that Kim is throwing  him.  Simon’s friend Phil shares many a pint with him, trying to help him see what Kim is suggesting.   Just as things with Kim seem to be progressing, Simon travels to Sweden to study pied flycatcher birds, and things get a little more complicated.

Simon is a great guy and an engaging character.   His hopelessness at finding romance makes him very likeable, and there is quite a bit of suspense as the book continues and the reader wonders whether Simon will get his girl, or fly off course. 

4*s from me, as I loved the character Simon, and enjoyed the add on of the bird studies to the romance theme.  Simon comparing his love life to that of the birds is amusing and poignant, and strikingly similar in places.   A lovely, gently humorous book, with plenty of human and bird romance. 

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