Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott

Secrets behind closed doors     

My Rating:  3 out of 5



Laura’s very rich, and well known, husband is murdered.  “Who did it” is only a tiny part of where the investigation goes.

Only The InnocentBrilliantly written, this psychological thriller takes the reader deep into what goes on behind closed doors – revealing secrets that show a very different side to the public persona on display.  Relationships, friendships, women trafficking and manipulation are only a small part of what is going on in Oxfordshire, but what is Laura desperate to hide?

I was completely pulled into this story, getting involved in the intrigue and wanting to understand where it was all going to end up.  The story flowed very well, the characters were well drawn and the scenes so well depicted that I almost felt I was there.  No excessive graphic descriptions, but plenty of dark scenes. 

A rating of 3* from me, as though I was so drawn into the story that I needed to read through to the end, I found many of the themes disturbing, and really wished I hadn’t read the book.  It does say a lot about the author though, that I just had to read to the end, rather than cast the book aside without understanding exactly what had happened.   I’m pleased to see that many others have rated this book a 5*; it just wasn’t for me.

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