OXA Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti-Shock Walking Trekking Hiking Poles


Lightweight, comfortable carbon hiking poles

My rating:  4 out of 5


 Hiking Poles 2These poles adjust easily, are comfortable to hold, are lightweight and just great.

I bought these as my old poles (twist to adjust) were always jammed and un-twistable.  With these, you simply flip up the white lever, then twist the pole.  Always works!

The measurements marks on the poles are in pole height and human height – and I find accurate to use with my height, for flat walking.

They come with normal rubber feet (the ones in my photo are for nordic walking, which I bought separately)

When I first used them I didn’t have them done up tight enough, so they kept slipping.  Got that sorted quickly, but the first outing was a bit annoying for my companions as I had to keep stopping to adjust them.

Only 4* out of 5, because inset into the handles is an insert that hHiking Polesold the hand straps in place.  On both poles these stuck out on one side by a tiny amount.  After hours of walking, this tiny amount was enough to cause blisters, so had to be filed down.  Not a problem once sorted, but a big annoyance until then.

The handstraps are easy to adjust, the handles are comfortable.

I love them, and would definitely buy them again – though am expecting these to last for years with heavy usage.

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