Passenger 19 by Ward Larsen

Exciting thriller based in Colombia     

My rating:  4 out of 5     


Passenger 19Jammer Davis is called to investigate the crash of a small plane in the Colombian jungle.  He travels down to Bogotá, and quickly discovers that the crash was un-survivable – except two passengers are missing, one of whom is his daughter.

From a relatively slow start, as Larsen gives quite a bit of (interesting) detail about small planes and plane crashes, the plot speeds up with many twists and turns as it flies towards an exciting climax.

This is a thriller with substance, more than just an exciting story, and I (who have absolutely no interest in planes) really enjoyed it.  As I write this I am already looking for my next Ward Larsen/Jammer Davis book!

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  1. I just read this author for the first time. So thank you for your review. Though I read it quickly, and found the plot, well, plotable… I found it difficult because the author knew very little about the weather in Bogotá. It is never sweltering hot, but every other page it seems he describes the hot weather in Bogotá. Now, for the jungle, the author is right on target. The other thing that was difficult for the mistakes in French and in Spanish. Not stuff that most of us would notice. A good story, didn’t understand why the girl didn’t get in trouble for the murder of 19 people, at least, but of course intentions to count. Thanks for your review. Be careful about Colombia and Columbia, two different things.


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