Patience by Victoria Scott

Narrated by:  Bronwen Price and Imogen Comrie

 A family’s love for their disabled daughter

In this wonderful novel Patience has Rett Syndrome, and though unable to communicate appears content and happy.  Then into this peaceful well organised family unit comes the possibility of hope, or disaster.

When Patience’s family are offered the chance for Patience to take part in a gene therapy trial which could have enormous benefits for her, but could also have a terrible outcome, what will they choose?  This is a moving look at how a decision like this can impact a family, and draw out underlying issues that have been brushed aside over the years.

The characters of Patience’s parents and her sister are beautifully drawn, with their own private issues and their overwhelming desire to do right by Patience, who though unable to communicate with her family shows her voice and lovely character through these pages. 

I listened to this intermittently, as I do with audiobooks, and found it easy to jump straight back into the story.  The perspectives of the various family members, including Patience, are stirring and really made me think.  Overall this is a positive story, but certainly with heart-rending moments.  Though primarily about Patience, it is also about her family, their love for her and Patience’s positive outlook on her world.     The narration blended in perfectly with the story.

My understanding is that the author’s sister has Rett Syndrome.

My rating:  4 out of 5

Published by Aria Fiction

Publication Date:  August 2021 – Audiobook and Hardcover, July 2022 – Paperback

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