Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson

Entertaining escapism into the lives of a rich Brooklyn family

Sasha has married Cord and, wonderfully, his parents have moved out of the large Brooklyn family home to allow them to live there.  Though perhaps this is not quite as perfect as it first seems. 

UK Cover

Cord, Georgiana and Darley are siblings in a very rich family and Sasha has joined the family through her marriage to Cord, but is struggling to feel accepted.   At first appearances these rich 1% ers seem to have it all (as indeed they have!), but then as the reader gradually gets to know the characters, and what is going on in their lives so, under the almost perfect facade, things are not quite as they seem.    

There’s a lot going on in this enjoyable novel, centred on this rich family.  Perfect escapism from the more average lives most of us live.  As well as family events there is some interesting information about buildings and districts in New York City (which I have never visited) and a few American expressions that I needed to look up.

This is an entertaining story of a very rich Brooklyn family.  It was amusing in parts, and interesting to read how the “1 percent” live.   I never found myself particularly involved with any of the characters, which was great for keeping the book light, enjoyable and fun.     

US Cover

Set:  Brooklyn , New York City

Publisher:  Random House

Publication Date:  13 April 2023 – UK

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