A quick and convenient way to tone up arms

My rating:  5 out of 5

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This arm toner is quick to use, and convenient.  I use it 3-4 times a week (it tires my muscles too much for me to use it more) and vary between the 6 minute and 9 minute workouts.  It comes with a DVD, but I prefer to use You Tube. 

PowerspinTo use the Powerspin you just pick it up and get the ball moving round, so can do it anywhere, with no need for a mat or anything else.  It does take a bit of knack to keep the ball going smoothly, and the tube creaks a bit during use, but overall its not particularly noisy.   I find using dumbbells for arm toning aggravates a shoulder issue I have – this Powerspin gives me no problem at all. 

It also works core muscles.  When I started using it my core body was moving around a lot.  Now, after about 3 weeks, its fairly stable. 

My husband was dubious of how effective it would be when it arrived, but gave it a try and it is now part of his regular fitness routine – along with moaning at how hard it works his arm muscles!

5*s from me as its a “grab and go” exercise that only takes a few minutes to work my arm muscles to exhaustion.  It also does not aggravate my shoulder pain.   Very happy!


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