Reasons to go Outside by Esme King

Uplifting, engaging and surprising

After an opening chapter full of mystery, the reader learns that Pearl has not been outside her house for over 40 years because of her agoraphobia.  Connor has a love of plants, but a dislike of his father’s girlfriend and feels like his life is speeding in a direction he doesn’t want.  Nate is facing a massive life change after 42 years in his job.

3 main characters, 3 life stories, a hint of mystery, friendships and helping out.  This is a wonderful story of change (with help from others), and moving from on from being hemmed in by life’s problems to getting out and thriving.  A gentle story that flowed well and kept me reading to find out what happened next.   

Without any noticeable long descriptive passages I really felt I was there in every scene.  These seem like real people that Esme King has brought into my world.   I could take you round Pearl’s garden, explore Connor’s house and smile at the changes taking place there, and tell you all about how Nate spends his days.   

Yes! A feel good book, with substance, mystery and a few shocks and surprises.  Loved it!

My rating:  5 out of 5

Set:  Godalming and Devon, UK

Publisher:        Hodder & Stoughton

Published         May 2022

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