Reckless Beginning by Tina Hogan Grant

True story brought to life through fiction

My rating:  3 out of 5


reckless beginnings

Tammy’s sister, Donna, has left the UK to live with her father in the US.  When Donna disappears without trace, Tammy is too young to do anything about it, but determined to find her sister when she is older.  Will she be able to find her – and to what lengths must she go?

This is a fictional tale, based on true events.  Tammy grows up, missing her sister Donna and her father, and feeling that life would be so much better if she left England and lived in the US.  As soon as she is legally able Tammy becomes independent, earning a wage and saving everything she can to get to the US.    She is overjoyed when her father suddenly announces he will take her to the US, where she can live with him.   Life in the US does not turn out as easy as Tammy had expected.  She makes a number of poor/ill-informed  decisions, one outcome of which is that she has a child with a heroin addict and Tammy finds herself mixing with some scary people.  She also meets wonderful people willing to give her friendship, safety and hope.  

This is a story of Tammy’s strength in overcoming adversity, and how, even when her problems seem insurmountable, there are ways out and people there to help.  From the actions of those who help her, Tammy appears to be a good person, who has made some poor, and rather naive, decisions.   

This is a stand-alone book, and everything is rounded up well.  I undeerstand the author is currently working on a sequel, and there may even be a third book 🙂 . 

3*s from me for this interesting, and eye-opening,  novel.  The writing style knocked my rating down from a 4, as I felt there were too many details included about incidental matters.  Others may enjoy this attention to detail.  

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