Resurrection Lily by Amy Byer Shainman

Essential information and guidance about hereditary cancer

My rating:  5 out of 5

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An informative and interesting book about hereditary cancer, with loads of practical advice and information on where to get help and guidance. 

Resurrection LilyThe author tells her story of life with the BRCA gene (breast cancer), and that of her family and friends, in a factual and non-emotional way – though the contents may well make the reader emotional.   There are also sections by doctors, surgeons and friends, giving their perspective.  The psychology, medical procedures experienced by the author, highs and lows are all included, including plenty of useful things to think about and questions to ask.  The importance of genetic testing, and counselling, for breast cancer (and other cancers) for men and women at risk is discussed in detail. 

The chapters are well written, easy to follow and very informative.  At the back of the book are pages of useful facts about cancer, including contact details.  There are discussion questions for readers and a different set of questions for students.  Plenty of sources and web-sites listed.  All clearly set out and a great place to start looking for more information.

5*s from me for this informative and interesting book, where the author opens up about her experiences.  A great book for everyone to read, and, I would have thought, an essential read for anyone affected by cancer.  

Note:  The author is based in the US, so many of the contact details and medical matters are US focussed, however I think that  most of the information in this book will be useful to readers worldwide. 

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