River Bodies by Karen Katchur

Murdery mystery in Northampton County (US)     

 My rating:  3 out of 5     


When Becca was a child a murdered man was found in her local river.  Now, years later, she is back in her hometown and thinks she has seen something suspicious.  Could it be River Bodieslinked to the murder that has just been committed, and is that linked to the murder of years ago? 

Becca doesn’t trust her boyfriend, so visits her dying estranged father  to give herself a chance to think.  Whilst out in the local woods Becca sees something, which means nothing to her at the time but later on niggles at her mind, and brings back long forgotten memories of the past.   Meanwhile she gets back in contact with her old best friend Parker, who is now investigating the recent murder, and Becca discovers her feelings for Parker are still there. 

Set around Portland, Pennsylvania by the Delaware River there’s plenty of interesting themes  in this murder mystery, including the local bike gang who seem to run the small town, relationships – some based on love and others not so positive, and of course the mystery of what happened recently, and whether it is related to what happened all those years ago.

3*s from me, as though I enjoyed reading this book, I never really felt involved in the characters and action. 

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