Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham


My rating:  2 out of 5     


A collection of legal cases, all defended by one lawyer.

Rogue LawyerThe “rogue lawyer” is Sebastian Rudd who defends the clients that no-one else wants.   This makes him unpopular with the police and law abiding citizens, and at times forces him close to breaking the law himself.  The book covers a number of the cases he is defending and is almost a collection of short stories, with some cases overlapping in the book’s timeline.

Some of the themes in the various cases are interesting such as cage fighting and police corruption, and the stories are good in themselves, however I spent half the book wondering if all the cases were going to come together in some carefully crafted plot (they didn’t), and got lost as to who some of the characters were when the cases they featured in came back into the book after a long absence.

To me it feels as if Grisham has a series of great ideas, that he decided not to make full books of, so he put them in this one book.   Disappointing and very unmemorable.

Fortunately I’ve read enough great Grisham  not to be put off by this one book.

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