Sheeran: A Biography  by Sean Smith

How Ed Sheeran became the success he is

My rating:  5 out of 5

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My reason for reading this book was to find out how Ed Sheeran became the star he is. This fascinating biography definitely told me all I wanted to know.

Sheeran A BiographyFilled with plenty of interesting information about Ed’s life, from early days at school up to 2018, this biography talks about his family, friends, hard work and determination to succeed.  In the early chapters I found it a little dry, but soon I became involved and fascinated. 

I’m not a particular fan of Ed Sheeran, so skipped much of the information about the stories behind his songs, but for the purposes of finding out how a modern day musician became successful this is a great read. 

There is a section at the end that gives an astrological assessment of Ed Sheeran (I skipped this), plus also a great list of dates of events in his life.

5*s from me, as though I skipped many parts that were not of interest to me personally, the book as a whole was a fascinating read. I highly recommend this biography to anyone interested in Ed Sheeran or in how to make it in the music world. 

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