Sports Headphones

Fit well and good sound

 My rating:  4 out of 5     


EGRD Upgraded Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

Earphones 2These are lightweight, cordless, bluetooth sports headphones.  They fit round the ear comfortably (I wear glasses) and stay in place whilst running and walking.

The control buttons are easy to use (after a bit of practise) whilst wearing.

I only use them to listen to audio books, and the sound quality is very good.  Outside sound is audible – which I find good for safety.

I recharge them after every use.  So far I have not used them for more than 4 hours without a recharge, and that has been fine.

After about 30 seconds of Pause, they go into “sleep mode”.  This is very annoying, as I pause them often when crossing a road, taking a photo etc.  It took me ages to work out how to get back to what I was listening to (1 press of centre button, then 1 press of play) – I have yet to find any decent instructions on the internet.

I have not used the TF card slot, the call answer function or the radio function.

So a 4* rating due to the lack of instructions for use.  But otherwise great, and I will certainly buy again when these wear out.

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