Still Life by Isobel Hart

 Action and surprises all the way      

My rating:  4 out of 5     


Exciting, fast paced and  very plausible science fiction, full of action and surprises.

Still LifeSamantha and Edward are driving home, through thick fog, arguing about Edward’s latest infidelity, when Samantha crashes the car, leaving Edward fighting for his life.   Amazingly Edward survives, recovers fast and is a changed man.  Can Samantha trust him now, or has the virus the fog contained got something to do with his change?  She soon finds out!

Soon Samantha is fighting for her own life, and then as she begins to realise the truth behind what has happened to Edward, she wonders how she can convince others of what is going on.  Fortunately the lovely Dr. Elliott is on hand to help in any way he can.

This book is way outside the genre I usually read, but I really enjoyed it!  It all seemed very real to me and I loved the fast pace which contained lots of suspense as well as drama.  Samantha is a great character – very true to life.   There is a sequel to this book, but the ending is such that it can be read as stand-alone (though I think most people will be eagerly awaiting the next book!)

4*s from me, as I really enjoyed it and found it great entertainment. 

Note:  The first few chapters contain a lot of “f” words.  These are completely in context, and are not indicative of the writing style of the rest of the book. 

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