The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley

A diet that works and is sustainable

My rating:  5 out of 5      


I found this a fascinating book, and the diet /change of eating habits worked for me.

Although inteThe 8 week blood sugar dietnded for people with Type 2 Diabetes, or at risk of developing it,  I am in neither of these categories.    I just wanted to lose some stubborn weight, and cut down sugar intake.

The book dismisses lots of myths about dieting, explains high and low GI very clearly and gives lots of interesting details about diet and health before getting onto the blood sugar diet.  It’s a book that needs reading through before commencing the diet.  I did however give up chocolate and biscuits whilst reading the book – so when I started the diet it wasn’t so much of a shock.

Does it work?  It did for me!  I achieved my goal (I was “normal” body weight before I started) well before 8 weeks, and am now continuing to keep to the menus – because I love them, just with increased quantities.  As the meals are more filling that what I was eating before, I’m not tempted to go back to snacking.

I didn’t calorie count, I just followed the quantities in the recipe exactly – which made it very easy.  The ingredients are mostly everyday things, and fairly quick to prepare.   There are also lots of very quick recipes for “don’t want to cook” days, which helped me avoid the temptation to give up.

The recipes can easily be served to non-dieters without them noticing any change – if you add pasta/potatoes etc. and change the portion sizes.

Is the weight loss maintainable?  I think so as the recipes are so good I won’t be going back to my old eating habits (though biscuits and chocolate are now back in moderation) – I love my new breakfasts!  If (when!) I find my weight creeping up again, I’ll simply be more careful with my portions and treats.

Is it safe?  No idea – I was fine on it.  The book includes a section about whether this is suitable for you, and taking advice from your Dr.

Summary:  It worked for me; the book now lives in the kitchen and is a constant source of recipes and meal ideas.

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  1. My favourite quick breakfast recipe from this book is on page 186. Almond butter (which I buy instead of making) with an apple, goji berries and seeds. Quick and easy to prepare, and though the goji berries are expensive, they last for ages as you only eat a few each day.


  2. Hey good on you. I read the book and it galvanized me into action. I didn’t use a single recipe though… Just followed the principles and had an appropriate very low carb diet shake for lunch every day to ensure adequate vitamins etc. He writes so simply and well huh?

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