The Anesthesia Game by Rea Nolan Martin

Fun and Exciting Fantasy     

My rating:  4 out of 5     

There are four main characters in this fantasy novel:  Hannah, broke and wishing her ex husThe Anesthesia gameband would concentrate less on how much she spends, and more on what she is not spending.   Mitsy, Hannah’s nightmare neurotic sister,   Sydney ill and fading fast and Pandora, Mitsy’s mystic advisor – who has problems of her own.  These four, very well drawn, individuals, plus a few others,  take the reader through an often humorous and down to earth tale, interspersed with mystical fantasy of drama and excitement.

The writing style is easy to read  “You have to remember how to say yes to life even when it pushes you off a twenty-story ledge into a pile of broken glass.” is just one example of great prose.  The action moves along at a fast pace, interspersed with humour and fantasy.

I found some of fantasy sections in the book a little too much “out of this world” for me; fantasy is not my favourite genre.  I quite accept that fans of fantasy will be astounded that I did not rate this book a 5.  I heartily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, mixed in with fun, excitement and drama.

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