The Beautiful Ones by Julia Sutton

A moving story of everyday life impacted by psychosis

This is the story of Caitlyn, an ordinary girl with ordinary hopes and dreams until people around her start acting weirdly. 

Caitllyn’s story is told through her eyes, from growing up as the eldest child in a large wealthy family, to finishing school and finding love.    The first half of Caitlyn’s story (indeed the book) is about her relatively average family and life, and then suddenly things start getting a bit weird, and Caitlyn starts worrying about what is going on around her.  After a few odd occurrences it becomes clear that Caitlyn has mental health issues, and life, as seen through her eyes, become rather scary .   When Caitlyn is placed in a psychiatric unit, I wondered if she could ever get back the life she dreamed of?

From a gentle, and beautifully written start, which allow the reader to really feel involved with Caityln, comes a shock and then some startling and seriously worrying scenarios, which seem very real.  As Caitlyn’s psychosis takes a hold of her, life for her becomes scary and quite shocking.   

5* from me for this moving story of Caitlyn’s life, which though very dark at times also has strength and hope.    I have never read anything quite like it, and Caitlyn’s story will stay with me for a very long time. 

It appears this is Young Adult fiction.  I didn’t know that when I read it, and am glad I didn’t as it might have put me off reading it – don’t let it put you off reading it (if you, like me, are somewhat older than Young Adult)!

Set in:  England, near Birmingham

My rating:  5 out of 5

Publisher:  SpellBound Books

Publication Date:   May 2022

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