The Beauty of the End by Debbie Howells

Heartbreaking with twists     

My rating:  2 out of 5     


Noah gets a call out of the blue from his old friend Will.  They haven’t spoken for years and Will’s message isThe Beauty of the End that their old classmate April has killed a man and then tried to kill herself.  All Noah’s old emotions of love for April flood back as he decides whether to rush to April’s side to defend her against this impossible accusation, or to get on with his quiet life in Devon.

Unfortunately I never felt involved, or particularly interested, in any of the characters.  There are some very strong scenes, involving women and children, which I found heartbreaking and upsetting.

Although there is a lot of flitting between the present and the past, the storyline was easy to follow, with lots to keep the reader guessing, and some great twists.  The plot was cleverly thought out and well brought together at the end.  The last few chapters got me interested, but up until then I wasn’t really excited by the book.

Overall I found the book a sad tale of how awful life can be, and the cleverness of the plot did nothing to offset the feeling that I’d have been better off putting this book aside for one with a more positive, or entertaining, storyline.

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