The Boy from Hell by Alison Thompson

A practical helpful book – for all parents!     

My rating:  5 out of 5     


This is the story of Alison and her two children, one of whom has been diagnosed with ADHD and AspergeThe Boy from Hellr’s.  However it is less a story about this wonderful, loving family, it is more a book  about how they can help you with behavioural challenges you may be experiencing  with your child!

This short book takes the reader through the different types of ADHD, giving practical advice on how to obtain help from the UK schooling system, examples of ADHD behaviour, what to do if your child is facing exclusion from school, and lots and lots of useful tips and techniques on how to deal with a child who is presenting challenges to parents or teachers.

Although ADHD is a “genuine medical condition with biological roots” Alison frequently had to deal with people thinking that Daniel’s behaviour was just a bad parenting issue, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.  As Daniel says “There are no benefits from having ADHD”.

This is not only a book of helpful advice on living with a child with ADHD, but also a book on living with any child who has meltdowns, or exhibits behaviour that is difficult to control.   It includes “tips for surviving as a parent” , a section about diets  and medication, ideas for dealing with parenting challenges,  plus appendices with loads of helpful information and contacts.

A book for anyone who spends time with young children!

Oh – and Daniel isn’t from hell, it just sometimes seems that way to him and everyone else.

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