The Catch by T.M. Logan

Audiobook Narrated by Philip Stevens

Is he perfect, or is it just a show?

My rating:  5/5

An exciting psychological thriller, that is well narrated, and kept me coming back for more.

The CatchEd has just met his daughter’s boyfriend, Ryan, and doesn’t like him.  But, to be fair, Ed has never liked any of his daughter’s boyfriends.  Is he right this time, or is he just imagining things.   Ed’s daughter’s announcement that she is going to marry her boyfriend, sends Ed on a search to find out if there is something wrong about Ryan, or should Ed just accept his daughter’s choice.

I loved this book from the beginning right through to the end.  Both the story and the narration.  There are only four main characters – Ed, his wife, his daughter and Ryan the boyfriend.  Most of the story is told from Ed’s point of view, and I found myself completely involved with him and his search.   I worried with Ed, agreed with him, disagreed with him – and enjoyed his journey of discovery from beginning to end.  The thriller is set in England with visits to the Peak District. 

5*s from me, because I found the book to be realistic, with plenty of suspense, and the pace held my attention.  Would recommend to any lovers of thrillers, and audiobooks.  Listening to this will certainly make any journey fly by. 

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